Accountancy Service


We realise that the preparation of Annual Accounts is viewed by many people in business as a necessary evil and we will not pretend that sometimes preparing Annual Accounts is nothing more than a compliance task.  However, we do take a different approach to this task.  While we have to produce Annual Accounts for submission to the Companies Office and Revenue in a legally prescribed format, we initially approach this task from the point of view of your business and produce Annual Accounts in a format which we believe will benefit you as distinct from just ensuring compliance with the Companies and Taxation law.  Our emphasis is on making the Annual Accounts we produce relevant to the business more so than just compliant.  We set out to ensure that you will gain something from your Annual Accounts.  If our approach produces figures which suggest potential problems in your business, we are very accomplished in providing advice in relation to any such problems.

So, please don't think of us as people who keep you compliant with the law.  Think of us as people who can, much more importantly, keep your business out of trouble, or help you to get it out of trouble if you're already encountering difficulties.

Why not come in for a free chat with us.  You've nothing to lose.  If you're interested, please call our Practice Manager,. Roisin, on +353 (0)45 888942 or email her on

We Are Solution Driven, Problem Solvers

Whether it's problems with Revenue or Banks or Business Financial/Operating problems, we can help. We have developed a particular approach to business operational/financial problems which has saved many businesses from closing and jobs being lost. We'd love you to come in for a free chat.