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What does Company Secretarial mean?  The main thing it means is that every Irish company must make Annual Returns to the Irish Companies Registration Office (CRO).  These Returns must be accompanied by a set of Accounts for the company.  The first Annual Return is due 6 months after the Incorporation Date of the company, and then every year counting from this date.  

Most companies in Ireland are classed as small companies for Annual Return purposes, so, only an Abridged version of the company's Annual Accounts needs to be appended to its Annual Return.  Abridged Accounts provide only the minimum of financial information and, for example, would be of no real value to a competitor.  Our charges for CRO  Returns are:

First Return (no accounts required to be appended):   €200 plus VAT

Recurring Annual Return (Dormant Company):            €250 plus VAT

Recurring Annual Return (Active Company):                 €300 plus VAT

Other things which come under the heading of Company Secretarial, as follows:

Company Incorporation - we can provide this for €400 including VAT and Outlays

Addition/Deletion/Change of Details for Directors - Our Standard Charge is €100 plus VAT.

Voluntary Strike-off from the Companies Register:   Our Standard Charge is €500 plus VAT including outlays

Issue of Shares:   Our Standard Charge is €100 plus VAT.

Share Transfers:   Our Standard Charge is €75 plus VAT                         

Preparation of Annual General Meetings & Annual Directors Meetings Minutes:  Our Standard Charge is €100 plus VAT.

The above are the most common Company Secretarial services, but, we can provide any company secretarial services you may require.

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