Services - An Overview

  • Specialists in assisting with Business experiencing all kinds of trouble (Financial/Operational/Banks/Revenue)
  • Payroll Processing/HR Advice
  • Aggressive Tax Planning
  • Advice on Personal Finance, including Pension & Life Assurance
  • Annual Financial Statements Preparation
  • Management Reporting 
  • Financial Budgeting
  • Business Plan Preparation
  • Personal Tax Compliance
  • Companies Tax Compliance
  • Companies Registration Office (CRO) Compliance
  • Specialist Tax Advice
  • Tax Payment Management Service
  • Personal/Commercial Mediation Service

We Are Solution Driven, Problem Solvers

Whether it's problems with Revenue or Banks or Business Financial/Operating problems, we can help. We have developed a particular approach to business operational/financial problems which has saved many businesses from closing and jobs being lost. We'd love you to come in for a free chat.