We all know that tax is a pain in the behind, but, you know the old saying: there are only 2 certainties in life; Death and Taxes. So, you can't avoid tax, but, it's vital that people and businesses don't pay a penny more in tax than they are bound to, and we are very adept at ensuring this. 

While we know that our main task is to ensure all our clients are fully tax-compliant, we pride ourselves in taking a creative approach to all tax-related matters on behalf of our clients, we will always ensure that your tax-related matters are dealt with in a way that the amount of tax paid by your personally, or your business, is minimised, while ensuring no tax laws are breached.  We have enjoyed a lot of success in this area on behalf of our clients.

Why not come in for a free chat?  Maybe your taxes are as efficient as possible, but, maybe they're not. You've nothing to lose.  If you'd like to meet us, please call our Practice Manager, Roisin, on +353 (0)45 888942 or email her on

We Are Solution Driven, Problem Solvers

Whether it's problems with Revenue or Banks or Business Financial/Operating problems, we can help. We have developed a particular approach to business operational/financial problems which has saved many businesses from closing and jobs being lost. We'd love you to come in for a free chat.